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By: kr578246 | June 18, 2019


In order to know the performance of a chainsaw, we must ask “What can it do?” and “how well can it do it?”, and this mostly comes down to its cutting capacity and power output.

The cutting capacity is limited because of the 12 inch bar, since it’s in the low end of the 10 to 20 inch range in which chainsaw bars generally fall like shown here in DeWalt dccs620p1 reviews.


This implies it’ll work good for limbs and trees of up to 10 inches in diamater. You can cut bigger stuff, but since it’s going to take some extra effort, you should know what you’d like to do before trying.

The Dewalt is a good choice for small to medium sized trees.

The power output is also impressive since it can cut quickly the mid sized trunks that are commonly found in yards across the country.

Dewalt’s battery techonolgy is amazing, and what gives this saw it’s “oomph”. Moreover, the Dewalt DCCS620P1 is among the best 12 inch cordless chainsaws available, in terms of performance.


Ease of Use

As you probably know (if you have used a corded chainsaw before), it’s very annoying to be range-limited because of the power outlet, and worry about the cord when using the saw since you wouldn’t want to trip over it, would you?

All this is unimportant when it comes to a cordless chainsaw. It features a nice portability, similar to that of a gas chainsaw (that doesn’t use a power cord), except the Dewalt is much more lightweight.

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