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By: kr578246 | June 17, 2019

On the other hand we may find things we don’t like that much, like it’s very difficult to save water with its water knob. The same thing happens with the gas knob, we can’t adjust it to a lower setting and the water can get too hot. The flame of the heater sometimes can be extinguished due to the wind, so you would have turn off and on the heater again - see also this eccotemp L5 water heater review.


Due to its lack of thank, the Eccotemp L5 is a portable unit that you can carry anywhere. This is ideal for camping, cabins and trailers. You don’t need an external electricity supply because it runs on a 2D cell batteries so you don’t have to be too close to the grid. Specifically it allows you to heat your water up to 35 degrees Celsius with an amazing caudal of 1.5 gallons per minute.


As said before this unit is battery operated, so you can plug it anywhere without an electricity source. It starts automatically and doesn’t need too much requirements for setup. You won’t have any problem carrying it with you when camping or in your trailer. It provides the comfort of a big complex heating unit anywhere you go.

The heater only needs a connection to a standard garden hose nozzle and, of course, a propane tank. You have this and you’re ready to have warm water as soon as the water starts flowing. The burners start automatically with the water flow.

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